We’re a boutique law firm devoted to unparalleled appellate advocacy.

We Understand Where You Are

Being on appeal is a tough place to be. It means you’re either being forced to defend a judgment in your favor, or you’re attempting to reverse a judgment that went against you.

It can feel like another steep climb after the time you’ve already spent litigating in the trial court. As highly experienced appellate lawyers, we can help make the next (and hopefully, last) phase of your journey a little easier.

We Speak the Appellate

Court’s Language

Success on appeal requires much more than just repackaging the work that was done in the trial court – even when that work was excellent. And an appeal is not an opportunity to re-argue your case. Instead, appellate courts review legal errors. That means you need an advocate who can explain whether the trial judge made any errors of law and whether those mistakes are serious enough to warrant the appellate court’s intervention. We know how to have those conversations—in both written briefs and oral arguments—with appellate judges.

Gain a Valuable

Member of Your Team

Trial lawyers are experts at presenting the facts of the case in the trial court. Our expertise is in taking those facts and explaining to an appellate court what they mean in light of the law that governs your case. We do a deep dive into that law to find the key arguments that will boost your claims or defenses, and work collaboratively with your trial lawyers to advance your goals.

Maximize the Value

of Your Resources

Appellate work is our bread and butter. It’s our specialty and we love to do it. If you’re going to spend your valuable time and resources litigating an appeal, give yourself an edge by taking advantage of our skills and expertise.