We’re a boutique law firm devoted to unparalleled appellate advocacy.

We Do One Thing and We Do It Exceptionally Well

If you are a trial attorney, litigating your own appeals is not the best use of your time or money.

Drafting an appellate brief requires focused attention on a single case, often for weeks at a time, and it’s tough to carve out those hours from a busy litigation caseload. As appellate lawyers, we’re not weighed down by the important obligations that rest on your shoulders. We have a singular focus: Craft clear, persuasive legal arguments that tell a compelling story to the appellate court.

Ask Us About Appellate Procedure

As a first step, we will walk you through — free of charge — the necessary steps to correctly file your notice of appeal and designate the appellate record.

A court of appeal is a unique forum with its own rules and practices. After a combined 20 years of experience, we know the written – and unwritten – rules of appellate practice.  Don’t spin your wheels. We can help.

We’re Not Here to Second Guess the Tough Decisions You Had to Make in the Trial Court

We also spent years litigating at the trial court level. We know the difficult judgment calls you have to make along the way, including in the heat of trial.

You’ve done your job.  Now, let us make the most of your good work.  We’ll review your trial record and provide a fresh evaluation of your case.  We’ll highlight the arguments that should take center stage and candidly identify those that should be abandoned. We look for opportunities in every trial court record, because that half-hearted argument made in the trial court might just be the winner on appeal. We know. We’ve seen it happen.

Relax, We’ll Take it From Here

As a trial lawyer, it can be frustrating to find your case on appeal. We’re here to ease that frustration.

After months or years at the trial court, an appeal means that you now have to spend even more time and effort either defending your client’s victory or convincing an appellate panel that your client should have prevailed in the first place.  That’s why we’re here: so you can leave your client’s appeal in our capable hands and focus on your trial court practice. You’ve done the heavy lifting.  Let us take your case over the finish line in the court of appeal.

Bring Us in Early

Don’t wait until your trial is over to engage us.

If you’re litigating a tough case that is likely to end up on appeal, we’re available to consult with you now. We can draft critical motions that will prepare and preserve arguments for appeal, and we can strategize with you to ensure that your case is positioned for appeal in the most favorable way possible.