Scotia Hicks Joins Berkeley Law Faculty

Scotia Hicks joined the faculty of Berkeley Law as a lecturer, where she taught Appellate Advocacy this fall. The class requires students to evaluate a real case pending before the California Supreme Court, and brief and argue the case as though they represent the actual litigants. This year’s case was Mathews v. Becerra, Case No. S240156. The case presents the issue of whether California’s Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act violates therapy patients’ Constitutional right to privacy by requiring therapists to make a report when a patient discloses he has viewed child pornography.

Ehlert Hicks Lawyers Litigate Important Employment Law Questions Before the California Supreme Court

Allison Ehlert is counsel to the plaintiff in Stewart v. San Luis Ambulance, Inc., Case No. S246255, which raises significant questions of law concerning what constitutes lawful meal and rest breaks for EMTs and paramedics who work 24-hour shifts. The case also raises questions that could affect all California non-exempt employees whose employers fail to pay them the “premium wages” they are owed for unlawful meal and rest breaks. The opening briefing in the case may be reviewed by clicking here, and the reply briefing can be reviewed by clicking here