We do appeals and the occasional critical motion. And that’s it.

We’re a boutique law firm devoted to unparalleled appellate advocacy. Success on appeal requires compelling storytelling and clear legal analysis. We’re experts at both. We know how to distill your best legal arguments and convince appellate court judges to see your case as we do.

Relax. We’ve got this.

As a small firm, we accept a select number of cases and give them our full attention. You can trust us to handle your case efficiently, effectively, and thoroughly.

Benefit From Our Fresh Perspective

We haven’t lived with the case day in and day out as you have. That means we’re more likely to spot weaknesses as well as untapped opportunities.

Prepare Early and Maximize Your Chances of Success

Bring us in early with our critical motions practice. We’ll advise you on how to best present dispositive motions and preserve issues for appeal.

When you choose Ehlert Hicks, you get…

Appellate expertise

We specialize exclusively in appeals and critical motions. That means we’re experts at what courts of appeals require of litigants and what winning briefs and arguments look like. 

Experience in navigating the courts of appeal

We know how to navigate the appeals courts and their separate rules and procedures.

A fresh assessment of your case

We’ll give you a fresh perspective on your case.  We’ll find the strengths in the good work you did before the trial court, and give you a candid assessment of your chances on appeal.

Focused attention and service

As a small firm, we accept a select number of cases and devote our full attention to those matters.


We are dedicated to partnering with trial attorneys and integrating with litigation teams to evaluate cases and advise on how to best move cases through dispositive motions and appeal.